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Paid 3 month membership

I signed up for a 3 month membership and they asked me for more money before I could upload a CV and it won't let you until you buy an add on of at least 1. What a scam. I tried to see how to cancel my membership straight after I signed up and there is no contact e-mail or nothing. If they continue to take money from my account I will look into legal action because this is simply not fair and I am not even working. You should never have to pay to apply for a job. This site it a total ***. Do not sign up.
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NEVER pay for a job!


Wished I'd seen this before signing up. Have cancelled my card so they can't take more money but this is a total scam and I will be reporting it to the media to ensure no other people fall victim.


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Croydon, Croydon
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Pricing issue
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Full refund
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Great portal!

I was in a hunt of a job for about 2 years. One day was introduced with Creative Jobs Central I gave it a trial. you wont believe a day after I registered, I got in contact with the best recruiters. And finally I was employed by one of the best company I dreamed to work with. Now I receiving a good amount of salary and a pleasure to work with a company I always had a dream to work with. Creative Jobs Central have just make my dream come true and turned my frustrated life into a happiest one ever. A huge thanks to Creative Jobs Central. Very happy with your services. :)
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Nasik, Maharashtra
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Good customer service

Take Caution with Creative Jobs Central

I signed up with their services to apply for a job. After I paid my fee I was disappointed to find many non-exclusive job offerings despite this being a paid service. One ad even said "craigslist ad" in the description. Many of the positions are not creative so I'd say the company name is misleading. I just finished an "online interview" where I was offered a data entry job (I'm listed as a graphic designer) that promised $32 per hour, a car and a house which seems shady at best. Overall I am very disappointed. I would recommend not giving this company your Money.
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Seattle, Washington
New Reviewer

Creative Jobs Central Complete Rip-Off

I signed for this useless website and never got any good leads and I really believed they used my credit card info to use for other charges other than their website. I was charged some other charges erroneously on my card that were not authorized and once I got the charges cleared up with my creditor they indicated that a fraud investigation was in progress with several of my on-line sites I do business with and Creative Jobs Central is one of the main ones. Be very cautious with these scam artists. They were not helpful in any way concerning jobs for me a s a musician.
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Hello there,

If you have any issues with your account, feel free to contact us.



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Cincinnati, Ohio

"they" keep on sending job offers to me...

My name is Jacky Thureau and the comapany 'Job Creative Central' advertises positions in the PORTLAND area , Oregon - USA (or 50 miles around) because they think I live in VANCOUVER WA (USA) . But I am located in VANCOUVER, British-Columbia (Canada)!!! The E-mail where they - - "solicit" me or use to post Jobs is "jjthureau@***.com") which luckily is NOT my main E-mail (I have multiple ones).. BUT IT IS REALLY 'Annoying' and I would qualify it even as "SPAMMING". Apparently from the complaints I see ONLINE, nobody can reach them, this is why I write a complaint TOO about this company... I have NOT contacted, signed up for ANYTHING with them nor signed a contract (and certainly NOT GIVEN MY CREDIT CARD number!!). Would anybody have a contact for them? A reply at the E-mail above would be apppreciated..... Thanks anyone that would have more info. J.T
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Calgary, Alberta

Full of ***

this website SUCKS, ITS A SCAM,,,They dont even give u your own money BACK.......whem u call ,its not even a 800 number,, you call someones house, you hear people in back groung laughen and talikng, nobodys even networking on that horrible site,,,they full of ***,, i wanted te reach thru the phone and slap the *** out that Dumb Bi*%hdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddoooooooooooooooooooooooddodoooomkjoe ejcf jejoncfn e ej e e e e e e e e e e ejejk ej je je j ej je je j eje e ej je e e ee e Fukk emmmm m m m m m m
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San Antonio, Texas
New Reviewer

Creative Jobs Central took my money, never posted jobs

I signed up for Creative Jobs Central because they promised that they listed work from home jobs. I'm a writer and I have a good job working from home, but I wanted another to diversify my income stream. There was never ONE SINGLE WORK FROM HOME JOB posted on Creative Jobs Central. And for that I paid more than $50 a month for THREE MONTHS. They are a complete rip off. Don't ever sign up for them unless you like *** money away. If you're looking for work from home writing jobs, I recommend I found a great job there.
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Madison, Wisconsin


I strongly not recommend using Creativejobscentral. They are deceptive and will chasrge your card after account was cancelled. All they do is try to offer free months and a free resume critique. Don't ever trust Creativejobscentral with your card. The service is mediocre at best and have been successful with other services that offer better listings within the industry. The customer service is slow with no sense of uregency to get matter resolved. After begging for a refund they would not help out in light of being unemployed. If there is a reolution to the matter I will post an update. RLB
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New York, New York
New Reviewer

Creative Jobs Central charged my credit card after I cancelled my account

Signed up for 3 months with Creative Jobs Central. First couple of weeks, I couldn't sign in to my account. Couldn't get voice mails returned for over a week, but eventually got it sorted out. Job board was virtually useless as was my contact, Cara. Approaching 3 months, I cancelled my account by e mail but they've renewed my account and charged me for another 3 months. Of course my contact Cara isn't returning e mails or phone calls. I suspect I still won't hear from them even when they see I've disputed the credit charges and have them reversed.
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Saint Catharines, Ontario
New Reviewer

Http:// don't use it. it is a rip off

The job search service is very unprofessional, rude and absolutely not helpful. I signed up for 1 month trial and paid more if I was subscribing for 3 month and didn't notice auto subscribe button. I was charged again and I was denied to get a refund by employee called Kara. I was on the site for a month, found maybe 10 suitable positions, didn't get a reply from any of them. Later I noticed that all the jobs were copied from free It is a rip off. Don't use it
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Does anyone know how to cancel the subscription to Creative Jobs Central? They will not stop charging my credit card.

I called them and they told me to go to "manage my account" on their website. Well, there is not an available option on their website.

What a scam!! I have notified my credit card as well.


I can't get them to stop sending me job alert emails, which (as was mentioned previously) are the same jobs as you get from indeed, monster, or any of the actual major sites.


creative jobs central is a scam. I have tried to cancel my account but will not cancel until i pay the past due amount they tried to auto charge to my cc. I had to cancel my cc in order to have them stop charging me.

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New York, New York
New Reviewer

Creative jobs central

This site is a pay cite for jobs, I was wondering why I would have to pay to look for jobs, so to all looking for a job: Creative Jobs central / NY is a scam, scamming on people looking for a job! This site is a pay cite for jobs, I was wondering why I would have to pay to look for jobs, so to all looking for a job: Creative Jobs central / NY is a scam, scamming on people looking for a job! This site is a pay cite for jobs, I was wondering why I would have to pay to look for jobs, so to all looking for a job: Creative Jobs central / NY is a scam, scamming on people looking for a job!
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Peyton, Colorado

Creative Jobs Central Stole My Money

I was searching for employment and found a listing for a job that looked interesting. It directed me to the Creative Jobs Central website so I registered, paid and subscribed for a single month. I wanted to check out that particular position and take a look at some of the offerings before committing to a longer and costlier term. I was not impressed with the what I found and decided not to renew. However, Creative Jobs has continued to bill my credit card each month for an automatic renewal charge of $16.99 that I did not authorize. I did not receive a notice by email or regular mail inidicating that my account would be charged. It appears that they took it upon themselves to take my money. I am now in the process of arguing with them in an attempt to get back what they stole from me.
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Hi I am curently having the same problem with Creative Jobs Central. I to only paid for 1 months subscription which I used for applying to one job. I used paypal and they have since tried taking the same amount of money out of my account each month but my account wont let them. Thank God

I emailed them today asking why they want more money from me and this was their reply:

"Good Morning Chris,

You registered for our online Job service for Photography Jobs. You subscribed for a monthly recurring subscription. There was a declined payment on your account that is now past-due. Since this payment recently declined, you currently only owe the amount that was declined ($7.99), which our company has already paid to service and host your account. If this is not settled promptly, you will be subject to additional late fees/surcharges and your credit may be affected. Please note that a cancellation cannot be issued until this debt has been cleared. Kindly advise on how you would like to proceed, thank you.



This is an absolute SCAM and I did not agree to pay them $7.99 every month.

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Boston, Massachusetts charges fee, but it not let me log on.

I was just billed for their service, today, Jan. 20 2011. I do not remember registering for it. When I tried to log on, they told me that there already was a customer with that e-mail address. I'm being charged for a service that I can't use. Has anyone else had this problem? Please advise yoi assistance in understanding this problem would be appreciated. By the wsy I am now only trying to fulfillbyour obligayion to write 100 worfd. I does not make sence. It I can describe accurately in a fee sentences, why are you the provider, making me, the consumer waste my time. It is frustrating and adds to the annoyance. Please reconsider y this part of your policy. Life is hard in the Internet world of non-service. Doug dougharing@***.com
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East Setauket, New York
New Reviewer


I personally know the people at CreativeJobsCentral and they are definitely not a scam. Many people do not cancel their subscription, or are frustrated because they do not have a job yet. Its pretty difficult to get someone a job for $9.99 or some price like that and if someone does not put in the necessary work to get the job, its easy to blame a website. From working with them, creativejobscentral is a credible company with sites in several different countries and is expanding a lot. They are very friendly and accept all sorts of feedback and are immediate to add those functionalities to the site. If you have any questions, email them and they will get back to you shortly. Do trust.
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I would NEVER give money to this company and I'll tell you why. Even with their free updates, they continuously bait and switch you.

They are affiliated with someone else - someone who knows that I search in "certain areas or towns". Then they send me USELESS links that I spend not only my time clicking through and reading, but they no doubt get paid some advertising every time I click their worthless link. I'm employed, so gratefully I don't have to go thru the additional pain and torture this type of stuff must create in the job-seeker. So yesterday I get an alert for Scarborough, ME.

Not a lot going on in Scarborough, ME but THEY say there's a web design job there -- okayyy -- nope, its for SEATTLE. Scarborough-Seattle, yeah I see how they could mix that up. Not. :( Just now, I get one for a web designer job in Barnstable, MA.

Oooh, Barnstable, now that's right up my alley -- Cape Cod! A WEB DESIGN JOB ON CAPE COD! Oop - nope -- its really VANCOUVER. Like - in CANADA.

:x Sorta a big difference. Sorta I don't like dealing with ***, LYING, WEB GEEK ADVERTISING DWEEBS. If I find out the company you're getting my searching results from - I'll kick them outta bed too.



Funny thing is there are plenty of websites that do not charge people to search for jobs. Why?

Because they charge the Employers/Companies. In my opinion, when looking for a job, only use sites that do not charge- they are legit. I was using 2 headhunter companies, and I have accounts with and, and was never charged. The headhunters found me jobs within 2 weeks and I have 2 interviews set up.

Sorry... But CreativeJobsCentral sounds like a scam to me.


I paid for 1 months membership, and have had a further 3 deductions from my credit card and also fraudelent activity. This site is a complete rip off, one month's membership means exactly that, I ONLY WANT ONE MONTH OF CHARGES, IT IS NOT A FREE FOR ALL CREATIVE JOBS CENTRAL. This site is totally corrupt and nothing less!!!!!


Creative Jobs Central IS a scam. Do not use their website


jonathan.. What is reasonable is paying for the service for one month and using the service for one month..

what is NOT reasonable is that when you sign up for ONE MONTH, only use the service for ONE month..

and then get charged for FOUR MONTHS.. and then I think that demanding a refund for the additional three months is REASONABLE!

Yet, this website is being unreasonable for not returning the payments.


They are VERY much a scam!!!! I went onto their website mostly out of curiosity because I already have a job but there was no way to back out of it once you gave them your cc info which was one of the first things they asked for.

Once I realized that I wasn't at all interested I backed out and thought "hope I don't get charged for this" sure enough I was and when I disputed the fee was charged $20 for a "dispute" charge. When she told me I was charged for a dispute I asked "How many disputes do you get?!?" I'm willing to pay the $32.97 because that was my fault for being *** enough to get into their "web" but they shouldn't be able to chg $20 unauthorized! I have filed a complaint with the BBB so we'll see what happens, but believe me I am not a "pissed person without a job" or any of that mumbo-jumbo! They are definitely a company playing with smoke and mirrors!

By the way check out all the complaints with the better business bureau! They definitely have had their share so they must be doing something wrong!!!!


Hello Richard Cruise, "Rich C"

We do give you use of your account until your account expires.

When you cancelled after joining you immediately demanded a refund.

We have many customers that only want the service for 1 month since job search is sometimes a short term service.

When signing up for a service, then using it reasonable to ask for a refund?

When using our service, posting your resume, and applying to jobs, then asking for a refund, do you think thats fair?



It is indeed a scam. They hide their inability to do anything for you behind legal mumbo-jumbo.

I didn't like it THAT DAY, and they did not credit my card back. They had MLM offers, commission-only sales, and a whole lot of broken links, not what I would expect from a creative job source.

I am wholly dissatisfied with the service, and their customer service is very well trained to defend their position with technicalities. I've never met a company that has worse ethics than this one, and I have already told my creative friends to stay FAR away!

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New York, New York
New Reviewer

Do not trust Creative Jobs Central with your credit card #!!!

I paid $36.18 and signed up for 3 months with Creative Jobs Central. Found none of the jobs relevant once i signed up so canceled. Then, they charged another $36.18 which i disputed through my bank THEN they said they won that dispute so i owed them another $20.00 which they also withdrew from my account. Originally tried calling their number and just got a recording. These guys are a bunch of rip off artists. The only way to keep them out of my bank account is to change my debit card number or else constantly be monitoring my account for their withdrawals to dispute. If they had their way, which they won't, i would be out $92.36. Meanwhile, it's taking a lot of my good time to beat them back...don't trust these guys for a split second.
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They are the worst!!!! I have the same problem you had....they will not refund the $20 dollars although they took it without my authority! They keep offering 3 months free.....I see complaint after complaint with exactly the same issues....They need to be shut down....I had to change my cc # to end the madness!

#205951 Review #205951 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Atlanta, Georgia
New Reviewer is a Scam - do NOT use their website! (aka has a website that *** beyond suckage. The way their website is set up, the only way to "view" any job listings is by paying for a membership (right away I should've realized what a scam it was, but desperation drives us to do unintelligent things). I signed up for their bare-minimum ($10.99) for a month and as soon as I logged onto their site saw *** "job" postings that were totally irrelevant to me. I called the site within minutes and said I'd made a mistake and that I wanted to cancel. The person I spoke with said "no problem," and that I wouldn't be charged. One month later my credit card bill arrives with a charge of $43. So I email their customer service dept. saying there's been a mistake. They email me to say I have to send in a form stating why I want a refund, etc. via certified mail. I did that, and then ONE MONTH LATER, receive an email saying that my refund request was DENIED, with no explanation. I tried calling but there's no answer and no way to leave a message and I haven't gotten any replies to my emails. DO NOT USE THEIR WEBSITE - it's a total SCAM, and you will never get your money back and they'll charge your credit card more than you agreed to.
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I just went to their site and felt something was a little fishy because the company that sounded enticing was listed as "Na". Then I found this site with a google search.

Call you credit card company and tell them you're a victim of a fraudulent company.

They might work with you to reverse the charges, especially if other consumers have reported them prior. I've done it before as a last option.


***! I wish I'd seen this before I signed up.

It really is terrible. They didn't even show my jobs in my field or in my country!

It's just awful! I canceled my membership asap.


There site had jobs in my field that were literally located in my subdivision, I knew it was too good to be true...Every time I looked up the names of the places hiring to get more info, they pretty much don't exist. Luckily I knew better than to pay to post a resume, but what is the most frustrating is that I am looking for a job! I need work to make money.


I saw red flags all over the place. For starters, on a job listing site that is ordinarily very good about listing legitimate graphic design positions in my area, I was quite surprised to see nearly two dozen "incredible" graphic design positions appear overnight, all posted by creativejobscentral.

None of the company names looked familiar, so I did some googling and no such companies exist in my area. And then there was the one for Vogue. I mean come on...a design job for Vogue magazine in my relatively small midwest town?

I don't think so.

Legitimate job sites charge the EMPLOYER, not the job seeker, so bear this in mind.


Creativejobscentral has expanded their scam BEWARE. Now they are using more names to hide who they are to try to suck you into their scam again. They go by Artjobscentral , jobwich, and Live Enterprises company also.

They have refined the art of making it impossible to cancel them. They are preying on the unemployed which makes it even nastier.

I wish everyone would report them so they are stopped!!!!!


Creative Jobs Central and similar "OUTFITS" are designed, to generate income for their owners and operators. They don't exist as a means to help consumers find work/employment.

I believe, many, if not MOST of these "outfits" make much of their profit, by making their cancellation policies unclear and ambiguous. They also tend to downplay the true meaning of an AUTOMATICALLY RENEWING MEMBERSHIP, which is affixed to every subscription they sell.

Cancellation clauses are often vague and ambiguous, in terms of the words and phrases they contain. Many such clauses are full of legal jargon (legal "mumbo jumbo"),which can confuse anyone, whose not well-versed in the area of business and contractual law! Often, such clauses employ old English semantics, phrases and terminology, unfamiliar to the average "lay-person". They also make frequent use of sparsely used conjunctions such as "heretofore", "thereunto".

Many people might not know that, a good many of these scam sites, as well as companies reputed to have "questionable"(at best)business practices, often HIRE, and/or retain attorneys who create such clauses, for that PURPOSE ALONE.

Be aware of ANYTHING which carries the term AUTOMATICALLY RENEWING MEMBERSHIP". To click "yes" or "OK" to the terms and conditions, is the same as a signature on a hard-copy contract, and is therefore, a legally binding agreement with the "seller". In which case, the "buyer" (user) agrees to have money automatically withdrawn from a checking account, or a charge posted to a credit card, at a regular interval.(usually, it's a specific calendar day on a monthly basis).

It's often difficult to cancel, even when the victim believes he/she has followed the correct procedures.

The billing dept. is likely to have an all-too-self-assured (aka- a brimming with a self-confidence that's NAUSEATING)"answer" man on staff, who's savvy in terms of legal matters. Being that he's familiar with the "lingo" used in the T&C, he "one-ups" the victims' demand for a refund, or complaints of being wrongfully billed, as he rattles off explanations (EXCUSES)of how all procedures must be completed, and what steps the victim failed to complete. (I.e.- "such-and-such" request/form, etc. was due, 10 days before the account or credit card was to be debited, otherwise, they'd incur a charge for the next month, even if the T&C required only 5 days, when the user agreed to it. Of course he's suddenly at a loss for words should the victim mention this, but he'll usually mumble something about "being new" with the company, and the 10 day rule has always been in effect. Meanwhile, the victim is still S.O.L. because, buried inconspicuously, among the fine print of the T&C, lies the disclaimer that terms are subject to change at anytime, without notice.) That's IF the person is "lucky". Usually, if the victim acts quickly, they can cancel successfully, with minimal damage.

What's worse is, those who are slow to respond, or who don't correspond at all. Those perky cheerful customer service reps, who were so eager to answer questions,(and take money) at first, have become mysteriously difficult to reach. They don't bother to return calls, or respond to emails.

Unfortunately, to get a refund from these outfits is extremely difficult, if not impossible. However, consumers CAN protect themselves from further damage and future losses.

First, call your bank, AND the billing dept. of your CREDIT CARD company, ASAP! Explain the situation, tell them you've cancelled your membership, but they continue to charge/debit your account, and ask them to block all attempts to charges/debit your account. Include the fact you've tried to settle the matter with them, and that you BELIEVE you have followed all cancellation procedures as given in the T&C.

This is one of those rare times when banks and creditors might be understanding of your situation because they've seen so much of it in recent years. Keep in mind, there is more legislation in place to protect consumers from this type of fraud.

It's unlikely they'll reverse past charges, (all though, it never hurts to ask, just the same), but they'll probably agree to block all attempts to charge your card and/or debit your accounts

Second, make sure to complete all transactions and cancellation procedures via online/email. Save, and print out a copy of the T&C and all email correspondence. This is mainly a precautionary measure which usually won't be necessary, but it renders something in writing, should legality become an issue.

It can also prove useful, should you encounter that *** CLUELESS 20-something, employed by the credit card company, who refuses to stop the charges to your account.(He's also LONG PAST due for a lesson in humility). He believes the more money he makes for the company, and by being that good-lil-rule follower, who strictly adheres to ALL rules, regulations and company policies, the faster he'll advance on the corporate ladder. To have the necessary paperwork will likely result in an obsequious apology when it's presented to his supervisor. At the same time, that good-lil'-rule follower who absolutely REFUSED to stop the charges on your account, will, at last, get a desperately needed dose of humility in the form of an embarrassing "red-faced" reprimand, or possible termination.

BOTTOM LINE: I WAS RAISED with the notion that MONEY is something a person EARNS in exchange for work and/or tasks completed or services rendered. YOU DIDN'T GET MONEY FOR SITTING ON YOUR *** playing games, gossiping on the phone with your best girl/boy friend, surfing *** sites, watching Youtube, checking personal email, or updating the Facebook profile! MOST OF ALL, YOU DIDN'T GET the money until AFTER the work was completed or the service was rendered. IT'S ALL OVER THE INTERNET: Sites who boast of employment opportunities, who demand an UPFRONT FEE before they'll allow access to job listings are an OUT - RIGHT scam. They SHOULD be illegal, but, unfortunately they're NOT. The best we can do is to force them out of business. They're like vermin and nuisance insects. Rob them of their food source and they either die or go elsewhere. No one to purchase "memberships" and ensuring plenty of bad publicity will take away their money source will force them to shut down. For now, that's all we have, and we ALL MUST take part.


Here's what Creative Jobs Central, and ANY and ALL OTHER so-called "job search SITES" are NOT designed to do for consumers. (aka "members"). They DO NOT exist to help people find jobs, to increase their respective incomes.

There are sites which CLAIM to specialize in certain fields. In the entertainment industry, there's one in particular, which boasts of access to major record labels and high-end booking agencies (I don't know how much is fact or fiction, but it sounded like a 'crock"). Others outfits post vacancies, openings, etc. etc. according to geographic location.

HOWEVER, in either case, to access this "inside" information, or to view the list of vacancies, one must first become a "member". This requires the PURCHASE of a subscription, which usually comes affixed with an automatically renewing membership (aka - automatically withdraw funds from the "member's bank account, or automatically charge a credit card-usually on a monthly basis. This is where they "get" a lot of folks.

It would be one thing if they functioned like a booking agent/agency, or referral service, who actively sought employment for another party. Once they found employment, they then would take a percentage off the top.

Unfortunately, CJC and other "pay sites", don't try to match consumers ("members")with

vacancies in their respective fields, let alone, actively help them seek employment.

Oh, but they're dutiful and prompt, come time to collect your "membership" fee.

These "sites" are designed to make MONEY for those who OWN them, first and for most. Where I come, no matter the work performed, or service rendered, I got my pay AFTER the work was completed. In which case, they get paid when I get paid. I can look for work, not find it, and do "bad", by myself for free. Why pay someone to do "bad", for you?


There are too many online"businesses" employ card re-billing as standard procedure.

Get your card company to straighten it out. If they get too many chargebacks, their merchant cerdit account could be shut down.


I am next victim of those MONEYSUCKERS form CREATIVEJOBSCENTRAL !

I know, that New Years Eve is going to be in next two months, but my NEW YEAR's Resolution started today: Spend 2 hours every day to place on internet how useless they are, how terrible customer service they provide, unable to find a jobs, instead of it, they just suck money from your acount automaticaly even you cancel it... They are really from different galaxy !




There are no jobs at all and you only find that out after you pay the membership fee, now once you do find out that week after week they have really old jobs or jobs that are below entry level you are told to pay even more to see better jobs, I wish I would have checked out this web site first, I could have saved myself 50 buck!!!! :( :(

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Atlanta, Georgia

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